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Past Robot Group Speaker Presentations

If you haven't been to one of the Robot Group's Third Thursdays, here is what you missed:

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
Jan 2004 Bill Allen Former Employee MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab MtgPhotos20040115
Dec 2003 Annual Meeting of the corporation The Robot Group AnnualMeeting2003
Nov 2003 Hector Aguilar Dept Chair Robotics Programs Tour of ACC Robotics Labs MtgPhotos20031120
Oct 2003 [WWW]Dr Peter Stone [WWW]University of Texas Robot Soccer MtgPhotos20031023
Sep 2003 John De Oliveira [WWW]CyC Corp Programmed Common Sense MtgPhotos20030918
Aug 2003 DougEvans [WWW]CompuBotics Robot Navigation and Sensors MtgPhotos20030821
May 2003 DavidNunez, Jon Lebkowsky, Adina Levin, Chip Rosenthal [WWW]EFF-Austin Technology and the Texas Legislature
Feb 2003 Jim Choate [WWW]Hanger 18 Distributed Computing with Plan 9 photos MtgPhotos20030220
Jan 2003 DonColbath The Robot Group Industrial Robots MtgPhotos20030116
Dec 2002 Annual meeting of the corporation The Robot Group photos AnnualMeeting2002
Nov 2002 [WWW]Dr Steve McDaniel [WWW]The Mars Society Simulating Human Exploration of Mars McDanielPhotos
Oct 2002 [WWW]Dr George Pollak University of Texas Neurobiologist Bat Echo-Location [WWW]photo
Sep 2002 [WWW]Dr. Wes Thompson University of Texas Neurobiologist Neurological Research in Transgenic Mice [WWW]photo
Aug 2002 AlexIiles Charter member of the Robot Group History of the Robot Group
Jul 2002 BillCraig Charter member of the Robot Group Motor Controllers
Jun 2002 [WWW]Levi Larkey University of Texas Doctoral Candidate A Neurally Plausable Model of Analogy
May 2002 [WWW]Harold Henry Chaput President of [WWW]AMODA The Austin Museum of Digital Arts
Apr 2002 [WWW]Edwin Wise Robotics Author Artificial Intelligence [WWW]photo
Mar 2002 [WWW]South by SouthWest Interactive Trade Show SouthBySouthWest2002 photos
Feb 2002 [WWW]Dr. Benjamin Kuipers Univ of Tx Computer Scientist Robotic Navigation and Learning [WWW]photo
Jan 2002 GlennCurrie Charter member of the Robot Group Overview of Robotics [WWW]photo

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